Feel beautiful inside and out

At G & T Hair Atelier, it's our mission to help you feel confident. Our skilled stylists and colour technicians are dedicated to creating an immersive experience that will make you feel liberated. We strive to develop lasting relationships with each of our clients to best accommodate your needs with trust and expertise. Come visit us today and let us show you the empowering potential of hair styling and treatments.



We're unique

The phrase "bespoke" perfectly captures the kind of experience we provide to you! Rather than a one-style-fits-all approach, we take time to get to know you during the consultations and thereafter. This way, we understand you and your needs, allowing us to tailor specific cuts, styles, colours, treatments, and advice specifically for you. Our team can also suggest maintenance strategies that will help keep your locks looking great long after you've left our chair.

G&T Hair Atelier Standard Services

Cut and Blow-Dry

Unlock the beauty of your hair with our cut and blow-dry service.  G&T Atelier understands you, and your hair is unique, and so are your desires when it comes to your hair. That's why each client receives an in-depth consultation so that we can identify the perfect style for them. Your stylist here at G&T Hair Atelier has years of experience, and we can accommodate your requirements, be it a trim or a new style. All hair types, including curly, straight, wavy, thick, thinning, or fine, are accommodated.

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Blow Dry

Whether you're getting ready for an important event or planning a night out on the town, a professional blow dry at G& T Hair Atelier is the perfect touch in giving you an extra boost to your hair, your image and your confidence. With the perfect combination of skill and artistry, your G & T Hair Atelier expert will accentuate the beauty and rejuvenate your hair.

Hair Colour

Subtle or completely transformative, our experienced professionals help you find the right colour to enhance your natural beauty. Our colourists will provide an in-depth consultation listening to your needs before suggesting a shade that is perfectly matched against your eye colour and skin tone. 

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Hair Treatments

Our Hair Sauna, combined with high-quality products, will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. Products such as Olaplex or Joico K-Pac work more effectively with steam-opening the follicles in your hair. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply for maximum effectiveness. Joico products make up most of our range of hair care products, designed to give you incredible results while upholding ethical values

Our Pricing

At G & T Hair Atelier, we treat every client as an individual. It starts with your consultation, where we listen to what you want and provide our expertise and ideas for you.

We inform you of the maximum time and cost we will charge to create the look you desire. If it should take longer than our initial estimate, it costs you no more.

Although we do not believe there is ever a standard visit with us because you and your hair are unique, the examples below provide typical prices - your price may differ and if you have very short hair may be less but below we show the usual prices.



                                                                       Director        Senior Stylist

Hair  Cut                                                     …  £55  ….   £49

Cut & Blow-dry                                          …  £85  ….   £75

Blow-dry Hair Above Shoulders             …  £30   ….   £30

Blow-dry Hair Below Shoulder               … £40   ….   £40

Olaplex                                                      …   £42   ….   £42

Vapomist-Sauna **                                  …  £55   ….   £55

**includes K-Pac Treatment

Hair Up                                                     …  £70   ….  £50

Roots Colour                                           …   £85   ….  £75

Full Head Colour                                    …   £105 ….  £95

T-section Highlights                               …   £85   ….  £75

Half Head Highlights                            …   £160 .… £150

Full Head Highlights                            …   £190 .… £180

Face Frame Highlights                          …   £65   ….  £55

Half Head Balayage*                             …  £170  …. £170

Full Head Balayage*                              …  £210  …. £210

*Balayage includes Toner

Keratin Blow-dry                                  …   £190 …. £190

Child cut (under 11)                              …   £20   ….  £20

Children cut, under 16                         …  £40   ….   £40

Men’s Cut (includes wash)                   …   £50  ….   n/a

Hair Extensions                                …     by discussion


G&T Hair Atelier Specialist Services

Hair Extensions

Are you looking for the perfect way to boost your look? Bellami natural hair extensions offer a luxurious and versatile option.


Wedding Hair

We understand the importance of looking perfect on your special day. We specialise in styling services for all types of events, most notably weddings.